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D'G was SoO ready for the Siege of Orgrimmar!

The first week of 5.4 went well as D'G defeated the first four boss in SoO on both Flex and Normal difficulties.

Feel free to contact any member in-game for more information about our guild!

Heroic Progress

Last week D'Gentlemen brought down Heroic Ji-Kun which brings the progression to 2/12 heroic! More encounters will be tested on heroic mode in the coming weeks!

Heroic Throne of Thunder

Heroic Jin-rokh has been downed every week since Lei Shen's defeat. Look for more heroic progress in the near future as we continue to gear up our raid team from ToT clears.

As summer and vacations set in, our raid team will likely need skilled and geared members to fill in some open raid spots. If you are interested in applying to D'Gentlemen, please fill out an application and contact an officer in-game!

Happy hunting!

Lei Shen Defeated!

Lei Shen put up a valiant defense over the last couple weeks, but in the end, he was no match for D'Gentlemen's raid team. The Thunder King has been defeated.

After a very promising start and a few wipes at 30%, DG was able to put together a near-perfect encounter and finish off Lei Shen.

Heroic Throne of Thunder, here we come!

Three More Down, One More To Go!

D'Gentlemen pushed through three new bosses this past week, moving to 11/12.

Dark Animus was downed after a few attempts and minor adjustments. Iron Qon took some time, but was no match for our persistent raiders. Finally, with less than an hour to go, D'Gentlemen reached the Twin Consorts. Our first attempt to "test the waters" nearly got the duo down. After a few more attempts, the Twin Consorts were downed after seemingly wiping the raid - "MOAR DOTS!" anyone?

Lei Shen is the only boss that remains undefeated in the Throne of Thunder. Look for that to change in the near future.

Making our way through Throne of Thunder!

We're weeks into the latest tier content and have half of the bosses in ToT on farm. We will continue to progress and experience the great content of this patch in the coming weeks. Be sure to check our guild forums for new discussions or the WoW armory (D'Gentlemen guild) for recent achievements and loot!

Happy hunting!

5.2: Throne of Thunder

D'Gentlemen was ahead of the curve in preparations for 5.2's Throne of Thunder, having cleared all of Mogu-shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring.

Week one of 5.2 was a success as D'Gentlemen downed the first boss, Jin'rokh the Breaker, after a few attempts! As we continue to work on gear and strategies, look for more bosses to be downed in the coming weeks.

One post to rule them all

Now that the blog is back up and running again (thanks a million, dag) it's time to bring y'all up-to-date on our latest progress and general impressions of the 4.2/tier 12 raiding content. Long-time readers might still remember that our posts from the 4.1/tier 11 raiding content featured illustrations of our progress (rather than the traditional and conventional screenshots most guilds use) so without further adieu (or is that "a meow") and in keeping with our "cat"aclysm theme, I give you....

Shannox and Beth fell to us quickly and with relative ease. Baelroc and Lord Rhyo were the next to die by our hands. In relatively quick succession Alys, Domo, and Rags came afterwards. We even had some Rag dead on 10man before the nerfs came.

I think it's fair to say Alys was the most difficult encounter for us to master out of the lot. Everyone surviving the pre-nerf tornado phase, getting dps balanced on Aly and getting the birds dead before the tornado phase were both issues for us.

Rhyo was a fun encounter for team melee. Tons of peeps live "driving" that boss. The mechanic seems to be a lot of fun for them. I wouldn't know since I'm busy slaughtering fragments upon fragments upon fragments at the time.

As a tank I enjoyed the ballet that Shannox represents. Moving in coordination with the other tank, trapping riplimb at just the right time, etc. Over time it's lost it's charm as it's become rote but doing it all over again on hard modes lately has brought a new dimension to relearning that dance.

Baelroc is the closest thing to a tank and spank in the instance but even that's fun (esp. pre-nerf) in terms of the speed taunting to save one another from evil, vile, decimation blades. Add-tanking on Beth is fun (particularly) as a warrior since it's always nice to see victory rush light up like Christmas.

Domo and Rags were both fights that we picked up surprisingly fast. I think the concepts around the abilities in both encounters are generally quick to pick up and since -- especially in the case of Domo -- the control is really in the hands of the players, it's in our wheelhouse. Rag is all about stepping out of "teh badz" with the added wrinkle of this badz not only burnz it also knockzbackz. and upz. Non-hard mode the fight is a bit anti-climatic what with Rag being all "Oh, hey! Did I leave the oven on? I gotta go check" and then distracting us all with shiny purple candy.

Still, all in all, a fun raid instance. Some of the loot drops all together too much (Funeral Pyre anyone?) and some of the rest not enough at all (hello! Censure and Tanky shield) but we're used to that by now I think.

Looking forward to 4.3 and Deathwing. Seeya then!

Dasypygal Gentlemen's Blog is Back!

Welcome to the DG website. Due to some database issues we are starting with an empty blog. But come back and see our achievements and triumphs.